BPC: Business Process Chaos

Many scientists never bother to go against the grain because of the fear of ridicule by peers. I think BPM has headed this way because people believe Sigma, LEAN and buying an IT bred solution is the pinnacle of achievement and any improvements can only be incremental.

Time to shake off the apathy.

Look where adopting off the shelf Operating Models and underlying processes have gotten Financial Services?! It’s like a scene from Deliverance, incestuous and inbred (it’s elaborated in my previous discussion)

The world is a chaotic place, rules and regulation only serve to steer that chaos down certain paths but internally those paths are still bubbling within. The same with process management, we design processes with a view to channel the customer down workflow routes and system driven rules when in actual fact the customer is about the most chaotic entity there is.

So, are we about to enter ‘BPC/BPF’, Business Process Chaos/ Business Process Freedom where the customer finally decides the shape of the process ?

This doesn’t mean adopting VOC or DFSS every time, they’ve remained static methods and the world of BPM HAS to move on.

It’s a funny old world where we, the practitioners of change, champions of process improvement bark at those who reply “it’s always been done this way” and yet we’ve adopted the same methods for process management for 20 years and more…….”we’ve always done it this way”……..”it’s a tried and tested method”….

Perhaps we should start looking inward and practice change on our methods before we can enter the next phase of BPM 😉

Giving the consumer what they want might not be such a bad idea after all…..


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