Can LinkedIn and Twitter become stronger than agencies ?

LinkedIn has become pretty staple for me at the moment because of the networking aspect. I believe in these pretty tough times with the amount of competition between independent consultants/ contractors out there those which leverage the networking aspect more than the over-reliance on agencies alone will win out.

Why ?

Because surely there are better ways to find new opportunity or simple contracts than using a job board.

LinkedIn gives people to collate recommendations, input a full profile and work history, almost recreating a resume/ CV online but adding richer content along the way. Growing a network allows access to more people across organisations at all levels. You’re never too far away from a budget holder or programme director now. For a small fee (and believe me, it’s worth it) having a LinkedIn premium account allows you to ping a simple InMail to these people without being extremely intrusive. Its worked for me this week on two occasions. They might ultimately lead nowhere (both have expressed interest in my experience, one has already interviewed however) but I’ve completely bypassed the agency chain (which is attractive to both client and consultant alike!)

Now, add Twitter, and your reach grows exponentially, if you’re active and get followed by people within the profession you serve in. Follow them, respect them, retweet them and find them on LinkedIn and it suddenly becomes a match made in heaven.

Or hell: remember, everything you say and do is almost always tracked. Piss someone off once and all it takes is one visible post to 1,000 viewers to destroy what you’re trying to build up…..then it’s back to the mercy of the agency loop again.

LOL, perhaps this post is an example of that too 😉


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