BPM Nexus: Where everything BPM connects

In an attempt to pull together the many dispirit threads of BPM and create a more open, collaborative space I’ve created (through the power of Ning) the BPM Nexus, a sort of hub of BPM activity.

The primary reason is to collate the consultants, vendors and experts into one place in which to foster an open communication platform for BPM and help shape things for the future.

One of the immediate needs is for the BPM ‘Manifesto’ to have a home for its voice outside of the LinkedIn groups which ultimately constrains what can be achieved. There’s a growing interest in this ideal and having a platform to grow it into a living and evolving set of standards et al seems the logical next step.

If you’re interested in meeting like minded BPM individuals, and having a platform for your own voice, visit www.bpmnexus.com and join in.


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