When real change scares people

I started a legitimate discussion over at the ABPMP LinkedIn group around their CBOK and how only a true community feedback and approach could create a “common” reference document for BPM. Things were going well, and I received support from members within the ABPMP, and I was willing to join our community effort if they could embrace the same principles and give everyone a voice.

However, it seems change, being the “only constant”, is also something to fear and the discussions have been buried to a little visited Jobs section within the Group.

It’s a shame that this desperate action sends out the wrong messages for both the ABPMP’s mission and the BPM profession at large.

It would appear that those who claim to practice and teach change are the very ones afraid to embrace and evolve as change approaches them.

Meanwhile the BPM Nexus has grown over 50 members within 24 hours, and some from the ABPMP itself.

An achievement and testament that a true open and free community to grow and evolve BPM is really the only option and the tired model of a paid membership and access to knowledge has finally died.

UPDATE: The discussion thread was resurrected after a couple of additional posts. However someone has decided to move it back into the Jobs section again. Does anyone have a (A)BPM Maturity matrix handy ?…..


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