Gartner’s predictions for 2010

Analysts Share Best Practices for BPM Success at Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2010, 1-2 March in London and 22-24 March in Las Vegas

Egham, UK, January 13, 2010 —

Gartner, Inc. has revealed its key predictions for business process management (BPM). Analysts have identified five predictions on the advancement of BPM, a management discipline that treats processes as assets that directly contribute to organisational performance.

“As organisations continue to embrace BPM to improve business performance during challenging times, this quest is pushing BPM beyond its traditional focus on routine, predictable, sequential processes towards broader, cross-boundary processes that include more unstructured work. Knowledge work is especially complex and unstructured,” said Janelle Hill, research vice president at Gartner. “New BPM technologies will enable the management of unstructured and dynamic processes to deliver greater knowledge worker productivity and competitive advantage.”

You can read the full article via Gartner


The Gartner predictions are a bit of a mixed bag, some useful insights and some disappointing. We’re going to draw attention for a reason, specifically because we made a number of these predictions in 2009 publicly on the BPM forums of LinkedIn and in fact conducted some exploratory discussions with a number of BPM vendors and third parties on the same topics. Some of these ‘predictions’ are actually fact already. It would be nice if Gartner came out with it’s own material but that’s the price of public domain information.

Read our own BPM crystal ball gazing for 2010 in Articles.


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