Archivo to spearhead Cloud based BPM

Throughout February and March, business process automation providers Archivo, supported by Channel Partner Avanquest Solutions, will be hosting one-to-one consultations for clients who want to grow their business, improve customer service and save costs.


Following unprecedented success in the US, Gartner Research have predicted that cloud based line of business solutions and business process management will be the UK’s next technology revolution. Archivo are spearheading a joint initiative with Avanquest to introduce the UK to the benefits and cost savings of business critical solutions being provided in the form of Software as a Service.


During the dedicated 2 hour slots Archivo will listen to your business issues and ideas before discussing ways they can be enhanced and identifying where savings can be made and efficiencies gained. Replacing labour intensive paper based processes with automated electronic equivalents will increase output, not your HR overhead.


They will demonstrate with ‘real life’ examples, how organisations have been helped across a wide selection of industries – Finance and Banking, Construction, Public Sector and Local Government – to increase their productivity, without having to increase their staff costs.


Streamlining business process with solutions for Document Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, HR and Mailroom can revolutionise the way data works – eliminating manual paper processes, improving workflow and liberating staff. It helps organisations gain a competitive advantage and strengthens the bottom line.


Over the last 12 months, Avanquest Solutions and Archivo have helped clients make better use of their IT investments and squeeze the most out of tightening budgets. 


“The Avanquest Channel Partner Program has allowed Archivo to expand their existing offerings and differentiate from their competitors without having to invest heavily in the resource required to carry additional products and tool up for tech support” said Mike Rae, Sales Director, Avanquest Solutions. 



Further information about Avanquest Solutions and Archivo can be found at and 

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