Casewise Earns the Highest Score in the 2009 BPMS Bench Test of Modeling Solutions


Since 2002, Business Process Management (BPMS) has published its study of modeling solutions based on actual tests undertaken on selected tools.

 As an innovator in this area, the bench tests conducted by BPMS are recognized for their rigor and have, over time, vastly contributed to help influence and develop solutions in terms of market requirements and individual wants and needs.

 The latest published report highlights six tools, all of which were considered by BPMS as primary representatives of the modeling tools market in France. Each tool was scored against a 58 point criterion; broken down into 6 distinct areas:


  • Installation and handling
  • Customization (personalization)
  • Mapping (cartography)
  • Modeling
  • Control of the reference table
  • Analysis, simulation and publication

In conclusion to the test, Casewise’s Corporate Modeler obtained the highest score, placing it as the leader of the current batch of modeling tools within the market. In particular, BPMS highlighted Corporate Modeler’s customization and publication capabilities as well as its user-friendly ability as being key points of the solution.


For full article visit Casewise


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