CIO names Cordys and Nimbus Partners as companies to watch in 2010

“We meet hundreds of interesting lesser-known vendors every year but we just don’t have room to write about all of them. Here, with the help of analyst firm MWD Advisors, are some companies worth keeping an eye on next year….

Nimbus Partners ( is a UK-based specialist vendor in BPM and business transformation programmes. It doesn’t take the full-on automation approach that most of the specialist tools vendors do: rather, it offers a capability that you might call ‘actionable knowledge management’. Authors use the tools to map out and solidify business processes; but rather than being automated at run-time these processes are made available to users as interactive guides.

Users can step through processes and call up guidance documentation, interact with back-end systems and so on – but the runtime system is lightweight, non-invasive and designed to keep the user very much in control of their own work environment. NWD

BPM company Cordys ( is keenly watched for one major reason -founder Jan Baan. Having made a big splash in ERP with his eponymous company and then making smart investments in WebEx and TopTier, the Dutchman has the golden touch. The signs of him pulling it off with Cordys are good. This is a company that takes a very modern software approach to managing business operations. MV”

Read the full report here.


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