Connie Moore talks about BPM in 2010

“There’s no doubt about it.

The BPM suite market has fundamentally changed, now that IBM announced plans to buy Lombardi, and Progress Software sealed the deal on Savvion yesterday. Two little vendors . . . and you would think, given all the reaction, that something really big happened. But in many ways, that’s the case.

Ok, why are these two deals so important? Lots of reasons, including:

The l-o-n-g awaited convergence between integration and human centric BPMS

Expanded interest in BPMS by big players, including the big IT vendors (MISO) and middleware players

Closer integration between BPMS, predictive analytics, BAM and BI.

Better BPMS functionality from IBM, particularly in process discovery (Lombardi Blueprint)
More acquisitions and consolidation to come.

…..Here’s what I think business process professionals should conclude about the BPMS market and its impact on BPM, Six Sigma, Lean and other process initiatives, the day after this last acquisition…”

Read the full article here.


Connie offers more insight than Gartner in our opinion, actually discussing points which are on everyone’s minds right now as we enter a new year.

You can read our own industry thoughts over in Articles (BPM::redux predictions for BPM in 2010) and also hear what the BPMS vendors themselves have to say about the state of the industry in our “An Audience With….” series.


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