Discussion Forums go live at BPM redux (updated)

Here at redux we wanted to create something a little more than an enhanced blog format which is why we’ve launched the BPM Community forum.

This forum is designed to allow the process management community at large to discuss and engage in any topic or concept which encompasses (and is not limited to) BPM, BPMS, Six Sigma, LEAN, BPMN, Enterprise Architecture to provide healthy debate and promote understanding and education in all things process related.

Also, we are now hosting the Casewise User Network which has moved outside of LinkedIn to allow wider audience engagement of Casewise users who are not members of the LinkedIn network to share hints, tips and general best practice using their suite of tools. We also hope to incubate further groups from LinkedIn to allow the same effect.

[Update] The forums are now open and no longer require registration to access.

Happy posting 🙂


2 responses to “Discussion Forums go live at BPM redux (updated)

  1. Hi JohnThanks for the comment, registration takes around 24hrs to propogate through the system as stated on the news article. You’ll be able to log in later today/ this evening.RegardsTheo

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