The most famous faces in BPM

Ok, this is a bit of fun at the Vendor’s expense but presented here are some of the most famous people in BPM history, affectionately known as ‘man/ woman drawing process map’


It’s strangely amusing to think that it’s the most over-used picture across the BPM industry and yet it’s a girl drawing a database schema and not a process model.

If you know who they are, or in fact if you are the face that launched a thousand BPMS websites, get in touch !


7 responses to “The most famous faces in BPM

  1. The thing is, the picture and the drawings were done separately. So the people in the pictures likely have no idea what drawing was associated with those pictures later… ūüôā

  2. Exactly, just notice the two top ones, the diagram is excatly the same but being drawn in a different phase by different people, wuau, marketing is easy sometimes …

  3. The top two are available on (not sure about the others). I know this because it’s where we get most of our website/collateral photography from… we’re a small business so we can’t afford to commission photos or pay ¬£¬£¬£ for Corbis images etc! You do see them turning up a lot, for precisely the reason of price.

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