Why BPM needs the iPad and HP Slate

Step away from the keyboard…..

Last year I banged on about touchscreen enabled BPM tools being rather cool yet completely non-existent in the BPM market right now. Having seen Ballmer and Jobs reveal Windows and Mac flavoured touchscreen devices it now heralds the question whether vendors need to take into consideration a little more seriously this technology trend. I for one would love to roam an office knocking out process models on the fly as I watch the interaction taking place using an easily portable device which supports an environment to draw on (Ok Ok, so I can do the same with a pencil and piece of paper, but it doesn’t look cool, and BPM is cool !)

Often we’re forced and constrained to use paper, note pads, post-it notes to convey a process map so imagine being able to draw it up using a tablet enabled BPM tool which connects via wifi to the repository so the information is stored instantly. No more deft trackpad/ nipple weaving using a bulky laptop (let’s face it, laptops in the enterprise are a far cry from a MacBook Air in size and weight !). Given the drag-and-drop nature of most process modelling tools and the intuitive feel of sliding your fingers across a tablet screen it’s almost the perfect marriage without a shotgun in sight. Knock one up, show it to the business user, they can tweak it there and then, approve, job done.

I made the prediction this year that BPM should adopt large interactive displays for process communication and workshop environments. I still see this as a reality but perhaps this is the first step in understanding how technology (note: not software) can support BPM in other ways other than mouse/ keyboard/ server combinations.

I made another prediction about 3D virtual world process simulation. Maybe I was wrong. The future isn’t 3D, it’s a flat touchscreen.


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