Gartner states the obvious: 7 deadly sins for BPM project success

Gartner has “identified” seven key factors that organisations need to observe when selecting a BPM project to pursue. “Compliance with these guidelines will translate into a very high probability of project success and a major boost for business interest in adopting BPM as a programme,” they say.

I say these ‘key factors’ have been around for 20 odd years and offer nothing new. In fact, all the expanded points in the report relate to Business Process Improvement, not BPM. You’d think they’d know the difference by now.

Lust, Gluttony and Sloth of the BPM world below:

Limit scope – ie start small, think big

High value – pick a decent process for real gains

Clear alignment to goals – if you don’t have a goal, better start thinking of one

The right metrics – “Only through measurement can companies get the necessary awareness and credibility regarding the value of the BPM-based improvement achieved.” – uh-huh

Goal agreement – Isn’t this the same as Alignment to Goals, in fact, shouldn’t this be before alignment ?

Enthusiastic business sponsor – Sedate them if necessary but hardly new insight

Business user engagement – See above

To enjoy the full report, visit:


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