Process , Communication and Culture Change: London SPIN Event

SMS Knowledge are running an event on the 25th February with a couple of interesting topics:


Making Processes Stick: A guide to effective process deployment


Adrian Harston, Trinity 

The challenge with processes is ensuring that they are used. It is all too easy for developers, engineers, managers, indeed anyone in an organisation to carry on doing things the way they’ve always been done without considering the ever-changing business environment and business needs. Adrian Harston offers a framework for enabling processes to be deployed in an effective way that helps to make them usable, manageable, measureable and most importantly relevant to the business. 


Communication and Culture Change


Roger Gamage CPIS Ltd., Jill Pritchet JFP Consulting

“Culture” is increasingly being cited as one of the major factors influencing the performance of creative teams whatever the chosen approach – agile, traditional or hybrid. But what is meant by “culture”? What is good, and what is not so good in terms of “culture”?

Whether your development is done by an external supplier or an in-house group, the relationship between business, middle management and developers has to be effective for better performance and value to be realized. But changing culture is not easy, especially when circumstances demand a high focus on delivery.

Culture Change specialists Roger Gamage and Jill Pritchet look at the cultural challenges that forward-thinking development teams must overcome to improve effectiveness in delivering desired business outcomes.


Might be worth a look in if you’re around the area.

Register for the event here.


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