Metastorm announces enhancements to it’s ProVision BPM and BPA suites

Metastorm, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Analysis (BPA), and Enterprise Architecture (EA) software for aligning strategy with execution, today announced the release of Version 6.2 of the Metastorm ProVision enterprise modeling, business architecture, and business process analysis software suite – including updates to Metastorm’s web-based modeling repository.

Key features of the new release include support for the latest modeling standards, improved ease of use, and extended support for enterprise collaboration, which includes sharing and reuse of models, objects and libraries as well as enablers for Process Centers of Excellence.

Key enhancements in Metastorm ProVision Version 6.2 include:

– Enterprise Collaboration, Work Reuse & Centers of Excellence – EA and BPA investments can be maximized through sharing, collaboration and reuse on both a local and global scale. Metastorm ProVision’s cross-repository sharing feature facilitates inter-repository sharing and reuse of models, objects and information libraries within a large enterprise. From a shared strategic direction, to common visibility into results, to common terminology to facilitate communication across departments and functions, Metastorm ProVision enables organizations to synchronize collective knowledge to refine business processes and align business goals and processes enterprise-wide.

– Supporting the Latest Modeling Standards and Frameworks – Metastorm ProVision 6.2 includes support for recently updated standards including BPMN 2.0, XPDL 2.1, UML 2.1, and DoDAF 2.0. Metastorm’s ability to support multiple standard modeling notations and frameworks improves usability, interoperability and consistency.

– Enterprise-Level Interoperability – Metastorm continues its commitment to and support of its Common Interchange Format (CIF), which provides an interface to numerous open standards and enables easy integration with third-party software packages. In Metastorm ProVision Version 6.2, CIF has been extended to the Metastorm Knowledge Exchange® repository in the form of a web service to provide organizations with enterprise-level interoperability of Metastorm ProVision models with other systems and applications.

For the full press release visit:


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