WfMC 2010 BPM and Workflow Handbook Call for Papers

The WfMC has issued a call for submissions from the industry to contribute to their annual BPM and Workflow Handbook.

The 2010 BPM and Workflow Handbook covers three main sections of approximately equal page volume:

Spotlight on Process-Driven Business Intelligence (BI)

Including issues, case studies, guidance, solutions or research such as:

  • BPM integration with collaboration, portals and BI
  • BPM-BI with application assembly and deployment
  • Dynamic event-based BI driven by BPM
  • Embedding BI applications into business processes

The Business Value of BPM

Introduces new key concepts and sets out the business case for workflow technology and BPM.

Standards and Technology

BPM standards have evolved from technical nuance to a business imperative. Deeply technical papers are not required, but do submit educational papers written for the IT professional.

Visit the main site for more information about submission dates and guidelines.


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