Nimbus drives effectiveness for mobile workers with BPM app for the iPhone

Nimbus Partners announce their Nimbus Control for iPhone today to drive enterprise-wide adoption of processes and increase customer satisfaction by providing information to workers fingertips

 “BPM, like any approach to business effectiveness and efficiency, needs to adapt to the changing pace in today’s workforce,” says Mike Lock, research analyst at Aberdeen Group. “Companies need to ensure they are equipping their staff both with the tools that will help them deliver, as well as those that will work to help retain talented people. This means providing access to the processes they need wherever they are, whenever they need them, across familiar tools. Doing business over the iPhone is extremely interesting as it speaks directly to this.”

The Nimbus Control for iPhone application is available free of charge to existing Nimbus customers who simply need to provide mobile workers with an iPhone or iPod Touch device and download the application from the iTunes store.

Ian Gotts, CEO, continues, “Recent surveys have shown that employees waste over 20% of their time looking for the correct information, information that is often critical for them to perform their job. We’ve launched Nimbus Control for iPhone as we recognize that for many employees who are mobile during part of their day, accessing and following processes and procedures is even harder.

“Our customers have already expressed significant interest in the product and are buying iPhones in anticipation. Customers will be better able to drive adoption of processes and related information to employees – any place, anytime, anywhere; improving performance and compliance with required ways of working. It also helps employees use travel time as learning time, which makes great sense.”

Nimbus Control for iPhone is currently in Beta testing and will be available on global general release from Q2 2010. Further information and full press release, including guided walkthroughs of how to synchronize and navigate Nimbus Control for iPhone, can be found here

For my exclusive review of the Beta visit the Hands On section 🙂


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