ABPMP announce their BPM certification program (CBPP): is it worth it ?

The Association of Business Process Management Professionals have announced their long awaited certification program, the CBPP. Hoping to be the premier certification of choice it allows both members and non-members to take the examination that can meet the pre-requisites, study the CBOK and pay the appropriate fee.

Recertification is every 3 years to maintain continuous professional development.

I think this is one of the better qualifications out there personally, a lot of time and thought has gone into producing the CBOK, albeit from purely a theoretical pov so it lacks some more on the practical side.

However the real test of the value is not in the numbers that take up the exams but recognition by the community, vendors and clients alike. Perhaps some more work before announcing should have been done to gain firm support from these quarters to ensure that the professional community won’t be buying into yet another piece of expensive paper to hang on the wall.

You can find the certification program details here.


3 responses to “ABPMP announce their BPM certification program (CBPP): is it worth it ?

  1. Nevertheless it is a good beginning. The BPM cloud must be structured and I did not see that organization to be the accapted one for the specification what BPM should consist of. Yes, there are some points missing and some points to "open". But I can imagine, that ABPMP could be the one to bring strucuture into the BPM cloud.

  2. Theo, Thanks for passing on our announcement and for the positive review. Just to expand on a few points you made, here is some information that you may not be aware of… ABPMP involved many many people and organizations throughout the international community including EABPM, the Eurpoean group representing Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland which is producing the German language versions of the BPM CBOK and CBPP; our Brazilian chapter that is publishing Portuguese versions soon; we shared our topics listing and program parameteres with groups such as BP Trends, Forrester, Gartner and pretty much anyone in the community who wished to participate or be made aware of our work (not everyone wanted to participate). We did not consult the software and training vendor communities because that is not our constituency, it is rather the people who have to deliver results by applying those technologies to business problems. And, contrary to your assumption that it is more theoretical than practical, the book and examination program were created by practitioners for practitioners and the psychometric analysis and calibrations it went through were to ensure that passing the test required the abiilty to apply practical experience rather than just read a book. The application ensures that certifiers have the requisite experience. Yes, we do have a few members from the academic community who participated even so most of them do consulting and research as well. As you no doubt have noticed, we include a model BPM Curriculum in our BPM CBOK appendix because we wish to influence academia. And, unlike some organizations, we are not run by or supported by the software or training vendor communitues. We do not have to or need to seek their approval to define our profession.Brett Champlin – Past President ABPMP International

  3. I’m going to take the CBPP certification exam as soon as I can. I’m interested in how it compares the OCEB Fundamentals, which I’ve already taken. I’ll reserve judgement until after I take the exam on the quality and value of the certification, and I don’t care very much if vendors, clients, or self-proclaimed experts give it recognition. The BPM CBOK(R) v2.0 material covers the entire BPM lifecycle (not just modeling, analysis, design), and the CBPP marketing material on the abpmp.org website gave me a good overview of the exam and certification. I’m watching for the ("coming soon") CBPP Study Guide, which (like the BPM CBOK and the CBPP) is authored by many of my peers in the ABPMP. I’ll let you know how my exam goes!

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