Software AG leaps to Number 2 spot in Germany’s software industry

Following it’s recent acquisition of IDS Scheer, Software AG is fast becoming becoming Germany’s second largest software company, reports ITWeb. The first manifestations of this integration will be announced at CeBIT next month through their ArisAlign collaborative BPM platform and will, without a doubt, make many of its competitors reassess their activities and plans in this area. In doing so, it will establish itself as the only complete provider of business process management (BPM) software through one integrated platform. This is no mean feat, as Europe, and Germany specifically, are still not recognised for their software development prowess, despite SAP dominating the ERP market globally and Software AG firmly and successfully establishing itself in its particular niche.

Software AG was established in 1969 upon the concept of providing a versatile database management system, Adabas (adaptable database system), which was subsequently launched in 1971. This was followed by the launch of Natural, a 4GL application development environment later that decade. Although originally developed for mainframe environments, Adabas and Natural were extended to cover the DEC/VAX environments in the 1980s. In 1999, Software AG was listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange, in what was at that time the largest-ever software industry IPO.

Many organisations are providing some of the components of a complete BPM solution; however, to date, there hasn’t been a fully integrated solution or a complete solution from a single vendor available, until now. Software AG has a unique opportunity to establish itself as the leader in this respect and claim this area of the market as its own.

You can read the full article over at ITWeb.

You can read my exclusive review of ArisAlign over in the Hands On section.


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