69 BPM vendors and still growing. No wonder people are confused

With the addition of Triaster this afternoon I now have 69 vendors listed on the website and still more are coming in. But the lines are starting to blur a little. Which are pure BPM in the traditional sense and which start to move into BRMS, Case Management, CRM, ECM territory…?

Obviously the big names are there but it’s nice to see the open source guys and smaller vendors get some airtime especially if they have something to offer which gives the larger boys a run for their money. Just means if I create my own “Magic Quadrant” diagram it’s going to get a little busy 😉

The Redux Review…. ? Suggestions on an email please.

Eventually the list will be cut into sections alphabetically for ease of reference with some information behind the company and product suites on offer so it’s not just the name (which means little to the BPM newbie)

In the meantime, feel free to suggest further additions and if there are vendors who would like me to write up about their solutions on offer get in touch about a demo.


3 responses to “69 BPM vendors and still growing. No wonder people are confused

  1. Hi Theo, Very nice list. Thanks foryour efforts. Looks like you missed the vendor in the embeddable BPM space – Skelta BPM.NET. http://www.skelta.comSkelta specializes in embeddable Business Process Management (BPM) and advanced workflow solutions.

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