Register for the ARISAlign launch webinar

Collaborate on new business processes without boundaries.

Available March 2, 2010 in an open beta, ARISalign can help you improve your business processes to increase efficiency and competitiveness. Attend the product launch webinar to learn how to sign up for the beta and get an exclusive look at ARISalign. The webinar will include a demo of ARISalign and a live Q&A session.

ARISalign combines cutting edge social networking technologies with standards-based process modeling to support collaboration between you and your colleagues to achieve business process excellence.

Features available in the beta release include:

Collaborative process discovery – Every member of a process project who should be involved in documenting what takes place now can be. Using an easy to understand white board metaphor, process members can easily document what they know about the process.

Collaborative process design – Members of ARISalign can collaborate online on a “drag and drop” process model to visualize a new business process. Once consensus has been reached, the model can then easily be exported for implementation.

Social networking – Connect with colleagues in your organization to discuss your ideas with fellow practitioners around the world. Participate in groups and discussions targeted at the BPM practitioners.

Register now for this webinar for an introduction to ARISalign here:

For more information on ARISAlign visit


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