Where is the poor COO in the new BPM 2.0 equation ?

Having an email conversation with Ian Gotts of Nimbus this morning raised a rather interesting question. BPM vendors and the Research Analysts all seem to direct their attention and focus on the CIO and/ or CTO of a company when providing papers or marketing material and yet in the context of “business” “process” management surely the COO, the Chief Operating Officer, the cheese in charge of operations, those operations which are run by people and processes as well as technology, should be one if not the primary focus in the first instance ?

I read a lengthy list of articles available on what’s coming in the BPM industry this year, it’s mostly on the social platform integration and collaboration angle, and all the research work is focused on the software and technology impact; “enterprise social software key initiative overview”, “social software is an enterprise reality” etc. We all appreciate that there’s a research “Hype Cycle” in the sense that vendors want their products shown, IT want to know what to spend their money on, and the analysts want to get paid. But an entire audience is being missed out here.

Whilst IT might want to deploy these tools for greater efficiency of communication or to have “adopt Enterprise 2.0” on their portfolio of projects this year, operationally these solutions can have a far reaching impact and implication but aren’t given enough research time. I’ve only scratched the surface myself in a previous blog entry “Why it’s time to thrown away your hierarchical business operating model” but I’ve at least attempted to call out what could potentially be the real impact of Enterprise 2.0.

Technology is always a support and enablement platform, it’s the operation that is the hub and engine room of an organisation. If the technology can enable a paradigm shift in practice and culture then research should at least follow through the change end to end and help the COO understand just how Enterprise 2.0 can be applied.

Don’t waste the opportunity to engage and educate a wider audience. Business Process Management is about the Business as well.


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