How many shirts can you iron during a BPMS vendor demo ?

(I’m writing this separately so as not to detract from the product review which I’ll post up later under the Hands On section. In hindsight the site structure was partially a fluke setting it up this way so items of interest are kept away from my general blog posts.)

Last night I endured a web meeting with Casewise to see their Corporate Synergy tool in action. I say ‘endured’ because it felt like I was taking part in those Japanese game shows from the mid-90’s. The first hour and a half was spent telling me about Casewise and what BPM is. Yes, you read that right. 90 minutes. Here’s a quick tip for vendors in the future: read my LinkedIn profile and do your homework. I know how eggs are sucked.

After 70 minutes I decided to reach out to Sandy Kemsley for help. She came up with the novel suggestion that we rate vendor demos on the number of shirts we could iron before getting to the good bits. It’s fair to say I’d have washed, dried and ironed an entire basket in that time.

Vendors: please don’t try to beat it, my time is as precious as yours. Perhaps it’s because I’m familiar with the company and some of the people or maybe because I’m not a Forrester or Gartner Analyst that the preamble lasted for so long, but I AM an analyst, and I WILL write what I think because I’m INDEPENDENT. If that scares you or puts you off, then cancel your demos now.

I know they’re making strides in the right direction after appointing a new Chairman and COO and there are further moves afoot to rectify the company direction and message. I do like Casewise but they need to sharpen up in this competitive market. Their website hasn’t changed much in 3 years and their marketing is practically non-existent. Relying on being a Magic Quadrant dot alone is not an effective corporate strategy.

In total the session lasted a shade under 150 minutes. I got to see the Synergy solution in action and it’ll be written up later with screenshots. It’s actually a good tool despite my rant. Again, to reiterate, the review will be posted in the appropriate Hands On section later.

I have two further demos this week. They have been warned already.

Ps: I’m inclined to post up a “Vendor demo faux pas” listing also. Last night we discussed how Corporate Synergy can help automate scenarios like application processing and “clam handling”. I do not endorse the usage of BPM Suites in the handling of clams as this may lead to legal action.


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