Gartner BPA Magic Quadrant: the winners and losers

With the Gartner BPM Conference on next week and the BPA report just released it seems the latest Magic Quadrant already reveals a few surprise moves.

As the criteria for judging shifted in 2009 it seems to have impacted some placings this time around and you can derive from this what you can from the recent M&A and annual result announcements too. Here’s a very quick roundup:

New Entrants

Say hello to Salamander, QPR, Nimbus and Fujitsu who all mark their entry on the MQ this time from the 2008/09 report. In the previous report Nimbus received an ‘honourable mention’ for their unique approach so looks like as judging criteria has changed so has their position also. There will be a report on the site later this week on what Nimbus has in store for it’s release this year so look out for it.


Ultimus, Sybase and EMC have dropped from the radar from last year.


Casewise seem to have drifted out of favour from the Leader quadrant to becoming a Challenger. This may have something to do with the recent reshuffling of COO and Chairman posts and an injection of fresh blood so could be a temporary blip.


Lombardi shift to the Visionary quadrant and Business Genetics take a shift towards this area too.

For the FULL Gartner report courtesy of Software AG and the ARIS Community click:


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