PNMsoft Launches On-Demand Assist ® for Business Process Outsourcers and Project Managers

PNMsoft has launched a solution called On-Demand Assist ® to enable Change Management for Business Process Outsourcers (BPO) and Project Managers.  The goal of On-Demand Assist ® is to drive more effective communication between IT and its business counterparts, automatically respond to changes and increase control through ownership and full audit of the change process.

Any enterprise that requires the delivery of complex solutions struggles for consistency in approach and up-to-date information whether being delivered by their systems integrator or from their own project teams. In addition, manual change request processes can result in missed SLAs, lost opportunities and potential revenues.  In addition, long-term contracts may be under risk due to customer dissatisfaction as a result of errors.  BPO manages the lifecycle of change management and On-Demand Assist® gives management the tools to manage all aspects of the project life cycle.

On-Demand Assist® utilises interactive forms with integration into existing systems to minimize entry errors and user frustration. This is achieved with technology based on PNMsoft’s BPM and workflow platform-SEQUENCE that assists in making better decisions by managing the content and processes that drive most businesses.

On-Demand Assist® provides business managers with dashboards about the performance of a business process. The performance monitoring and subsequent simulation modelling allows for the optimization of service levels. It is also an effective way to share understanding with a client about the goal and the SLA. The provision of Dashboards for business managers is an effective platform, to create a shared understanding and ownership for services and effectively they become partners in a service delivery culture. The dashboards will reflect the value and status of the change requests enabling the account director or the PMO manager to take decisions and remove bottlenecks while bringing forward revenues and taking operational decisions to increase the PMO’s efficiency.

Some of the advantages of On-Demand Assist ® is that it Improves customer relationships and trust, drives more effective communication between IT and its business counterparts, and enhances productivity and operational effectiveness by automating service level reports and alerts. The solution also helps preventing service breaches by quickly finding and fixing IT issues, including in-depth root-cause analysis.

“At PNMsoft we have introduced the next generation of technologies to assist System Integrators and Project Management professionals with powerful technology that is easy to use and quick to implement and aids change in a Service Management culture,” says Gal Horvitz, CEO, PNMsoft. “The On-Demand Assist ® Solution is part of our commitment to our customers and partners to provide an integrated environment to support all activities involved with the various stages of a business process life-cycle. When used properly it will eliminate fines for breaching SLAs and expedite new revenue opportunities.”

According to Paul Sheridan, VP Marketing and Sales of PNMsoft “On-Demand Assist® is an easy-to-use, series of flexible workflow templates and dashboards allowing the Project Office to fully configure the Request for Change Process to match the sequence of activities and events to reflect the reality of the day to day PMO operation. The user interface has a familiar Microsoft® ‘look and feel,’ enabling users to immediately participate as business processes interacting with people through Outlook, SharePoint as well as Communication Enabled Business Processes.”

“On Demand Assist®  is designed for Project Managers and BPO’s that want to drive greater efficiency and increased margins with less full time employees while driving greater compliance. This solution removes the need for personnel to manually handle requests – these savings alone provide the hard ROI to justify the entire process.” says Paul.

For more information visit:

Paul and CEO of PNMSoft, Gal Horvitz will be at the Gartner BPM Conference in London today and tomorrow.


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