Software AG aims for process excellence leadership at CeBit

Software AG today announced its strategic goal of Business Process Excellence (BPE) market leadership at the world’s largest IT trade show, CeBIT. The company estimates that the Business Process Excellence market will exceed the size and returns of the ERP market of the past decades. Software AG highlighted the importance of BPE software for new enterprise business models and driving innovation in industry and the public administration. The company also cited the growing demand for process intelligence in enabling ecological and sustainable economic development. Software AG sees these developments as indicators of the importance of this new market.

Demonstrating its growing technology leadership in this area, Software AG presented its first joint product roadmap since its acquisition of IDS Scheer. The integrated Business Process Excellence products will open new markets and establish process intelligence as a landmark software industry development. The acquisition of IDS Scheer will turn this technology leadership into market share leadership through the pooling of skills, both in terms of consulting and product lines. The combined company will have the required structure to address both the business and technical decision makers that increasingly, jointly evaluate strategic IT investments.

Software AG expects this new market to enable the company to double revenue and profit every five to six years and reach the size of a DAX listed company within a decade.

“The software industry is entering a new era” said Software AG CEO, Karl-Heinz Streibich. “The importance of the software industry to sustainable economic development and maintaining sustainable standards of living will increase dramatically in the coming years and decades. The vast majority of improvements to economic efficiency and reductions of carbon dioxide emissions, in all industries, will com through software driven, intelligent business processes. And we mean to be the largest player in this market”.

The webMethods and ARIS product will be integrated as well as the portfolio in the collaboration and communities area. The two business lines, strategic consulting and SAP Consulting will together form the Enterprise Process Innovation business line. Software AG’s future brands are ARIS, webMethods, ADABAS, Natural and IDS Scheer Consulting. IDS Scheer Consulting will be an independent business division.

Software AG has been the world’s largest, independent provider of infrastructure software for business processes. This included the modernization, automation and optimization of existing IT systems and processes for businesses. With the announcement of the integrated product portfolio the company is now positioned as the leading provider of Business Process Excellence software solutions.

At CeBIT 2010, Software AG’s new technologies for Business Process Excellence will be presented including NaturalONE, ARISalign, ARIS Mash Zone and Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP).

Software AG will present its vision of the future on a joint stand with IDS Scheer. Concrete examples of how Business Process Excellence is contributing to the innovative and sustainable development of differing industries will be on display. The highlights include “reduce the carbon footprint of your service fleet”, a demonstration of how digital worlds can be intelligently connected with one another based on a real-world example. The demo application is a collaboration with TomTom WORK, the B2B business unit of TomTom.

Another highlight is a press briefing on “smart metering” and the contribution that intelligent meters bring to the efficient use of energy – as part of perhaps the largest “green IT” project in the world.

Read my review of ARISAlign in the Hands-On section and my interview with Product Manager, Thomas Stoesser and ARIS Community Manager Sebastian Stein in my “An Audience With….” section.


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