Software AG announce ARISAlign open beta

Software AG today announces open beta availability for ARISalign, its first cloud computing solution — leveraging Amazon Web Services. ARISalign offers an open, global community for project participants dealing with business processes. The new solution is a platform where anyone with a stake in a business can participate in the process discovery phase to collaborate, gather information, share goals, and reach a consensus design within and beyond the enterprise. The integration with ARIS Express, a free process modeling tool, makes it ideal for BPM professionals. ARISalign marks a continuation of Software AG’s AlignSpace product announced at CeBIT 2009. AlignSpace previewed as a closed beta version and will now launch as ARISalign.

“ARISalign is for us the ‘Facebook for enterprises'”, said Dr. Peter Kuerpick, Chief Product Officer and Member of the Executive Board, Software AG. “For Business Process Management experts, it offers all the things that make social networks irresistible: collaboration in real-time and worldwide availability. So experts, who normally would not get in touch with each other, can connect. This creates real process excellence, which otherwise would not be achievable.”

With the launch of ARISalign, Software AG makes BPM accessible to everyone in the enterprise fostering business to business and business to IT alignment. Participants can discuss resources, share methodology, and create projects. Its functionality is wide-ranging and includes:

Collaborative Process Discovery

Users can collaboratively brainstorm, collecting ideas and information about a process, using a virtual whiteboard. With the use of virtual sticky notes you can create and structure ideas on the whiteboard and use them to derive a process model by simply dragging and dropping the sticky notes onto the process editor canvas where they get transformed into process steps. Now, every member needed in documenting a process project can be involved with minimal skills. Using an easy to understand whiteboard metaphor, process members can easily document what they know about the process.

Collaborative Process Design

ARISalign comes with a Flash-based modeling editor and will be integrated with ARIS Express — a free process modeling tool featuring an intuitive user interface and modeling components ideal for BPM professionals to help them make quick business decisions based on reliable data. Users can pull models to their local drives and model offline. Members of ARISalign can collaborate online with a “drag and drop” process model to visualize the new business process. Once consensus has been reached the model can be easily exported for implementation.

Social Networking

Participants can find and connect with colleagues in their organization and beyond, to discuss ideas and design new solutions with fellow practitioners around the world. ARISalign fosters participation in groups and discussions for all BPM stakeholders.

The ARISalign platform comes together with the support of Amazon Web Services to deliver a secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure computing platform in the cloud.

“We are pleased to see innovative solutions like Software AG’s ARISalign enter the Business Process Management market,” said Terry Wise, Director of Business Development for Amazon Web Services. “Software AG leverages AWS as their SaaS platform to introduce a new way to deliver business value for their enterprise customers and business partners. This represents a trend in simplifying delivery of business solutions, enabled by the cloud.”

To learn more about ARISalign, visit And register for the webinar on March 3, 2010.



Looking forward to seeing how people react to the open beta and using it to explore collaborative BPM. Really don’t think they’ve done themselves any favours by calling ARISalign “Facebook for enterprises” though, this paints completely the wrong picture, more like a social gimmick than a serious BPM tool. As stated before they really need to manage and get tighter on the product message.


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