Gartner and IQPC BPM conference events to merge by 2012 ?

I read an interesting blog post by Mike Gammage of Nimbus Partners ( in which he likened the London BPM event to “wholegrain BPM” (interesting analogy Mike, can be perceived in many ways; Gartner the Healthy Weetabix of BPM, just don’t eat too much or….)

Anyway joking aside, Mike makes a prediction in that by 2012, 80% of Gartner’s BPM Summits will be co-hosted with IQPC’s LSS Operational Excellence events. This is an interesting proposition and perhaps the prediction is founded on whispers that Mike has picked up during the event itself this week. Mike states that merging the two events would bring together both IT and Business BPM perspectives under the one roof which I applaud. The other added benefit of this is clearly reduced cost and increased attendance which we all are aware that in recent times the numbers have started to wane a little because the same stories have been told at each conference time and again. Having a myriad of summits to choose from and with limited budget available makes it hard for those who want to learn more about BPM difficult, sometimes choice isn’t always a good thing. It would be interesting to see how such a mashup concept would take shape:

Gartner focusing on BPM trends, technology hands-on showcases for vendors ?
IQPC focusing on BPM discipline, learning workshops, success stories ?

So as they say, there’s no smoke without fire and I hope that this fire takes hold and the idea spreads.

Not sure about Mike’s other prediction that Nimbus will feature in 80% of Gartner’s KeyNotes by 2013…..last thing we need is a vendor telling us what BPM is 😉

Received word from an attendee and sponsor that the numbers were pretty low at the London event and they struggled to understand why given the importance being placed on BPM this year. I talked about this last year in my blog (“Calling time on the BPM Conferences”), whilst the impetus on process improvement and process management is very strong the same case studies and content seem to be rolled out every year. Coupled with high costs for attendance and availability of information on the Internet there is reduced incentive and a general perception that it’s little more than a networking event for vendors.

If the conference circuit is to survive next year and attract the numbers organisers really need to rethink the format and how the agenda is shaped. BPM is not a tired old man, conference events havent changed in format in years so don’t create that image for the industry please.


One response to “Gartner and IQPC BPM conference events to merge by 2012 ?

  1. I could see this happening in Europe, but not so sure about North America (which is still Gartner’s primary audience). IQPC could certainly use the boost here — I was at an LSS/Process Improvement conference in Toronto last week that had no more than 30 attendees — Gartner is likely still getting sufficient numbers that they may not worry about coexistence.

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