Software AG announce webMethods Communicate BPM Solution

Software AG today introduces its webMethods Communicate BPM solution at CeBIT 2010 in Hanover, Germany. This new product enables users to integrate communication infrastructure into complex business processes and control them centrally–independently of the client-side ITC infrastructure. Employees and customers benefit from increased responsiveness regardless of their physical location.

Communication Enabled Business Process Management (CEBPM) essentially means embedding communication capabilities into automated business processes. Leading analysts consider CEBPM one of the most important developments in the area of business process management, and will establish itself strongly in the market over the coming years.

With its webMethods Communicate solution, Software AG is taking on a pioneering technology role and strengthening its leading position in the SOA and BPM markets. In addition to typical business processes, all relevant communication processes can now be managed and monitored centrally. The new communication layer enables customers to incorporate requests made by phone, SMS or e-mail into the process chain, as well as automating voice applications and phone conferences. Our customers can now integrate their entire call centers in this way. By incorporating automated means of communication (e.g., through voice applications systems, speech analysis, call recording, call monitoring) customers can be better informed and can make immediate choices about their customer experience. Within the organization, employees can make rapid decisions, collaborate more effectively and ensure processes complete on time, regardless of their location and availability. This in turn boosts both the efficiency and service quality of the overall business.

CeBIT Showcase: Let the process find you!

At CeBIT, the world’s largest technology tradeshow, interested visitors can view firsthand the innovative capabilities of webMethods Communicate. A showcase highlights the practical value of this new webMethods solution using a concrete application scenario. The CEBPM showcase demonstrates how integrated communication processes can be a key component of process problem-solving–even when an unexpected event makes deviating from standard processes necessary. WebMethods Communicate is available immediately as a project-specific client solution, and will be available as a package solution in the coming year.

“The new webMethods communication layer is a solution which enables customers to incorporate requests made by phone, SMS or e-mail into the process chain, as well as automating voice applications and phone conferences. So complex business processes can flow seamlessly and elegantly,” said Dr. Peter Kurpick, Chief Product Officer and member of the Executive Board, Software AG. “It is a solution that optimally supports and incorporates the human factor in process excellence. The result: greater efficiency and a significant contribution to ROI.”


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