Process Test Lab (PTL); test and validate your processes before implementation

Taraneon announced their new Process Test Lab (PTL) service amidst winning the Top3 Innovation Award in the BPM category at CeBIT last week.

Taking advantage of the growing recognition for simulating process improvement before implementation the taraneon TestLab is a unique testing facility for your business processes. Various qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, dynamic simulation runs, stresstests and our ability to let you experience the outcome, behaviour and performance of your process designs provide a reliable basis to decide what you need to change and implement

“Avoid the risk of implementing processes that may work but won’t deliver by validating your process design.”

PTL is scalable to handle even high-volume processes, compare the effects of alternative process scenarios and determine process behaviour under changing conditions.

Gain employee acceptance and management buy-in at the design stage by providing a reliable real-life experience of your future process even before you’ve started work on process implementation.

Your advantages:

• Deliver a processes that performs
• Reduce time and cost to identify and fix process design errors
• Improve process management
• Increase employee and management acceptance
• Validate and prove compliance

“The savings provided through the Process TestLab analysis can quickly add up to millions of dollars.”

For more information visit

Watch out for a follow up interview with co-founder Thomas Olbrich on Redux soon about PTL. Thomas was originally interviewed earlier in January as part of my “An Audience With….” which you can still access.


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