Chewing the fat with Global360 and iGrafx; product news and events

Yesterday I met with Bhavesh Vaghela and Roy Garlick from Global360 and iGrafx to chat about their take on the industry and hear their product strategies for the coming year. Some interesting developments coming out to take note of initially as I’ll be doing a review of their solutions in the coming weeks.


Their ‘persona based’ BPM seems to be going from strength to strength, and really capitalising on their closer alignment with Microsoft platforms. Both Process360 and Case360 are receiving makeovers and sharing the same new look and feel which is based on the coming Sharepoint 2010 release, with the Case functionality moving into Process360 further down the line onto the .Net platform. Visio 2010 now forms the modelling aspect replacing Team Studio and they are integrating Silverlight into their solutions. They are also working with Frog Design (used a lot by Apple for user experience design) to create the new UI for both products. 

Another interesting point to note is their newly signed agreement with Nimbus Partners, one to look out for and ask about as it shows they are concentrating on their own strengths rather than be a ‘jack of all trades’, leaving the BPA side to Nimbus.

Global360 are running 2 One day seminars in Edinburgh and London on April 13, 14th at the Microsoft offices there. You can review and register for the events here:



I met with Roy shortly after Bhavesh to go over what iGrafx have coming up this year. iGrafx are fairly quiet on the marketing front but have some interesting propositions to follow. iGrafx are working on new SAP integration which should offer existing SAP customers more choice in designing process models which SAP isn’t renouned for. On top of this a new 2010 release is expected this year to add more functionality and tweaks to the popular Process Central and Enterprise suite of tools. Additionally iGrafx have a Business Performance Management solution to add to the suite of products which takes Business Intelligence further than simple reporting. Roy has scheduled a half-day event in Edinburgh to present the new solution along with a live case study presentation by the COO of Credit Suisse who are running with the solution as we speak. The event is on the 23rd April at the prestigious Scottish Malt Whisky Society’s rooms and will be announced shortly.


All in all, it doesn’t seem the vendor community are resting this year. Despite a general lull last year and lack of real interest and impetus towards BPM from the client community it hasn’t affected some vendors from still putting the effort into product development.

Watch this space for reviews of both Process360 and iGrafx in the coming weeks.

I want to thank both Bhavesh and Roy for their time yesterday, great discussion guys, cheers.


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