Is there a need for an independent "Magic Quadrant" or "Wave" report ?

Something which cropped up a couple of times this week in conversation with vendors was the desire to have an independent’s analysis and review of the BPM vendor scene. The Forrester, Gartner and Bloor reports have been around for years and the formats haven’t varied greatly over that time. The criteria that keeps the same vendors in also keeps those potential entrants who have a compelling story and solution to tell, out. 

It’s a funny situation, we all know vendors pay to appear on the reports and those that don’t, don’t. And there’s something to say about the criteria that you need to satisfy to actually get on the list in the first place. So there has to be questionable value if the reports do not represent a true and impartial state of the BPM, BPMS or BPA market with all the players in the pot and given an equal voice.

Obviously with a vendor list as long as your arm and the next mans, a 100+ page report may be a bit of a chore to read through but it might reflect a lot more in the market over and above the usual inclusions such as IBM, Pega and IDS. But what if a potential client undergoing a tender review doesn’t want to hear about their story each year and wants to read something about an Open Source solution and how it stacks up against a traditional vendor, or wants to look at some smaller vendors who never feature normally ?

Or change the format entirely….

The effort required may be somewhat more (perhaps split between a couple of independents) but I know there are companies with solutions who deserve a little more airtime than the analyst community are giving them.

Ian Gotts of Nimbus made a great point suggesting that the analysts have become so far removed from practice that they’ve forgotten what it’s really like.

I jokingly threatened a Redux version a while back……perhaps I should make good.


One response to “Is there a need for an independent "Magic Quadrant" or "Wave" report ?

  1. I feel that there is no point in going to copy what has been done – you need to find a new way of registering value in a visual format.Kind of a mix of these would be useful – something that compares each vendor against itself, not competitors the ultimate truth is that most of us do not end up competing with each other in live bids. We do end up replacing each other, and we do watch each other to see who is market making.So if you did come up with something – be sure and tell us if they reviewed party is actually aligning their sales and product with their ultimate business goals…………….now that would be cool

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