Is Pega looking to take on with their acquisition of Chordiant ?

Pega have today announced their acquisition intent for Chordiant (news article here) which raised some eyebrows. Acquiring a CRM focused company looks like Pega are pushing into the Customer Management zone and into a head on battle with the likes of and their new Visual Process Designer. I decided to tap an inside source in Pega what the thinking behind the move was.

“We have a huge push into CxT – Customer eXperience Transformation and this deal underpins how seriously we are taking bringing BPM to sales, service and management of customers at all levels across organisations. That’s just one of the strategic pillars to support growth going forward. SalesForce and all the other CRM vendors are in our competitive sights.”

Is this the first move in more cross-industry M&A this year ? Watch this space…..


One response to “Is Pega looking to take on with their acquisition of Chordiant ?

  1. From outside the overlaps may not be obvious, but I have witnessed in last 2-3 years (and increasing by the day) the cases, mostly in Banking, where they seemed to compete for the same piece head on. And from a solution standpoint one hoped they were not mutually exclusive to the customer…This is a good move that would also benefit the end-customers. It aligns well with Pega’s strategy on domain strength since Chordiant has been very focused on functional domains as well.

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