Cordys reports on higher revenue and customer base over 2009

Cordys, the leading provider of software for business process innovation, has reported strong growth in 2009, achieving a 56 percent growth in license revenues, compared with 2008 and attribute this to:

New customers
In the past year, strategic partnerships with CSC and Google enabled Cordys to continue its focus on license sales, product development and customer and partner support. Through its product strategy and OEM and partner focus, Cordys has expanded its global portfolio of customers with several new signings.

Facilitate change and innovation
“Our 350 strong Research and Development team has made it possible to build a platform that bridges the gap between on-premise enterprise software and services from the Cloud,” said Jan Baan, CEO and Founder of Cordys.

Cordys recently announced its status as launching partner for the new Google Apps Marketplace. Jan Baan added: “Through the Google Apps Marketplace, Cordys Process Factory is being offered to the millions of Google Apps users who have embraced the cloud.”

Global expansion
The focus on partnerships with the likes of CSC, CapGemini, Atos Origin, Crossroad, Realta, Emergent and many others has enabled the company to expand its footprint both globally and vertically in industries such as banking & insurance, utilities & energy, communications, manufacturing, logistics services, engineering, public sector and media and publishing.

Lean Six Sigma
Per Jonsson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Cordys, commented: “Organizations are looking for faster ways to implement Lean Six Sigma, facing constant governance and risk management compliance issues, looking for collaborative new ways to work and all at a time when they are under intense financial pressure. Together with our valued partners we offer process-driven industry solutions which allow organizations to adopt Business Process Management and Cloud computing with one single platform.”

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