Global 360 Unveils Next Gen Business Process Modeling and Analysis Tool at Gartner Summit

Process and Document Management solutions provider Global 360, today unveiled analystView 3.0 at the Gartner Business Process Management (BPM) Summit in Las Vegas. analystView 3.0 provides business analysts and Microsoft Visio users powerful, intuitive, and integrated process modeling and analytics functionality within Visio Premium 2010, the newest release of the most commonly used and accepted modeling tool worldwide.

With over 15 million Visio users in 38 languages, Visio is becoming even more widely accepted as a process modeling tool. With tight integration within Visio’s toolbar, analystView 3.0 gives business analysts and process owners an easy, intuitive way to compare modeled process scenarios and analyze the impact, enabling organizations to better optimize investment choices.

“Today there is a premium on having processes that are linked to performance measures,” said Jim Sinur, Gartner Research VP. “Simulation and optimization help organizations get there with a sense of assurance. Consequently, I am seeing an upsurge in the use of simulation.”

“The Global 360 solution allows business analysts to iteratively fine-tune process models while improving a business process. By extending the powerful features of Microsoft Visio 2010, the user has the capability to perform multiple “what-ifs” to optimize the process for highest return on investment and lowest total cost of ownership,” said Chris Crane, Director, Visio, Microsoft Corp.

Key simulation and optimization features of analystView 3.0 and Visio Premium 2010 include:

  •        BPMN-standard modeling native to Visio 2010
  •        Wizard-driven guidance to process design, simulation set-up and analysis
  •        Ability to compare multiple process and business scenarios
  •        Ability to view simulation data or analysis metrics inside the Visio model itself
  •        Sharing and collaboration of process models, analysis and optimization alternatives within SharePoint 2010
  •        Ability to convert Visio-generated BPMN models into executable processes using XPDL
  •        Seamless toolbar-level integration

“With the help of analystView 3.0, Visio will be the formidable tool for business analysts who understand the value of process and simulation at the front-end of process design,” stated Global 360 president and CEO David Mitchell. “With this next release of Visio 2010 and analystView 3.0, process discovery and analysis will be much easier and more accessible to the entire BPM community,” added Mitchell. “Global 360 is proud to continue its support for Microsoft Visio as a business process modeling tool, while also extending it to provide process simulation in Visio 2010.”

Global 360 will unveil analystView 3.0 in a live demo at the Gartner BPM Summit in Las Vegas. analystView 3.0 will be generally available in conjunction with the Visio 2010 and SharePoint product availability. Introductory pricing starts at $349. To reserve a free 60-day trial of Visio Premium 2010 and analystView 3.0, visit


Sandy Kemsley has an excellent write up of analystView following a briefing last week. Go to Column2 and find out more.


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