Pega announces SmartBPM 6 at Gartner BPM Summit

Pegasystems Inc. today unveiled the latest version of its award-winning SmartBPM Suite, delivering significant competitive advantages through its business transformation technology. SmartBPM 6 is in production, will be demonstrated at the Gartner Business Process Management Summit in Las Vegas today and will be featured at PegaWORLD 2010 on April 26th & 27th in Philadelphia.

SmartBPM 6 dynamically improves customer experiences and automates complex business processes. This latest version enables business users to more easily capture their goals and objectives then immediately execute processes to generate predictable and significant business improvement. SmartBPM 6 allows organizations to accelerate time to market and customer response, while collaborating in real-time with business users, process architects and technologists. The latest release reinforces Pegasystems’ strong market-leadership position by delivering increased business agility that enables organizations to Build for Change®.

Among the many new features, SmartBPM 6 delivers advanced collaboration capabilities, increased speed, and usability via its Web-based user interface. It also offers enhanced process discovery, and role-based views to enhance ease of use. SmartBPM 6 allows users to directly capture their objectives and execute changes in a unified environment, without costly handoffs between disjointed stacks of products. Manual software coding and change is eliminated, speeding solution delivery and reducing costs.

Highlights / Key Facts:
Pegasystems’ powerful and robust SmartBPM 6 boasts numerous advances and enhancements that set the pace for innovation in the BPM industry, including:

  • Multi-channel collaboration – Uses built-in support for e-mail, chat, RSS, and business events, meaning every interaction, question, and exception becomes part of the process.
  • Collaborative information – Provides an event feed integrated into the SmartBPM business architect, so business people and analyst teams can easily connect and communicate, enabling teams to work together in one environment from project design through execution.
  • Express Actions – Allows case workers to rapidly handle case actions on a single case or a set of items to drive a universe of work from a single screen.
  • Process Discovery – Enables business owners, analysts, and participants to map out processes during design, iterative change, and ad hoc process creation, then execute immediately.
  • Direct Feedback – Lets users extend the boundary of feedback and collaboration so stakeholders can annotate the end-user screens, and quickly and easily provide comments and suggestions to drive the continuous improvement workflow.
  • Streamlined navigation – A new and prominent Pega button provides simplified and smarter navigation. In addition to other ergonomic improvements, this reduces training time and accelerates adoption by end-users.
  • Simplified support for unstructured processes – Allows anyone to quickly add more people and to define new steps needed to resolve a particular issue, and still capture responses, deadlines, and documents as part of the audit trail.
  • Industry-specific frameworks – Enables organizations to leverage an extensive, growing library of industry specific solution accelerators to get projects up and running quickly.

Supporting Quotes:

Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO of Pegasystems:
“Organizations that compete in today’s global economy need solutions that can produce staggering business results and not only deliver tangible competitive advantages quickly, but also become a platform for enabling enterprise-wide transformation. Our advanced Build for Change technology delivers both transformation and pragmatic benefits, allowing for the closure of execution gaps between business objectives and business results. SmartBPM 6 takes a major step forward in our BPM journey and we believe will help to redefine what people can accomplish with BPM.”

Kerim Akgonul, Vice President, Product Management at Pegasystems:
“SmartBPM 6 brings together numerous new features and functionalities that continue to make our solution the most powerful BPM offering in terms of capabilities, ease of use and user experience. The latest version was also re-engineered from the bottom up to generate all aspects of the system from within the system itself. This led to significant performance gains for business and IT professionals using the system. It also allowed us to increase our own cycle of innovation, since all the core aspects of the system are now componentized. New features can now be added much more quickly. We are the only BPM system that uses itself to build itself, helping us to practice what we enable our customers to do.”

Janelle Hill, Research Vice President at Gartner:
“We at Gartner have defined the sweet spot for a BPMS to be where it drives business performance improvement by managing a high velocity of change, including the ability to respond to real-time events, while putting accountability and control in the hands of the business stakeholders. It is possible but difficult to do this with a solution that requires multiple different products. We continue to think that a unified approach from vendors is the optimal way to target this sweet spot in the market for BPMS.”

Vinaykumar S. Mummigatti, Vice President and Global Head of BPM Practice at Virtusa:
“Our clients turn to us to provide them with innovative solutions that provide a predictable and measurable return on their investment. Through our alliance with Pegasystems, we have been able to combine our industry expertise with their product innovation to drive business transformation projects. Pegasystems’ SmartBPM 6 enables us to deliver the latest, industry leading BPM technology to work with our customers to accelerate, collaborate and transform business processes and projects, while also empowering business users to get directly engaged in the project. Virtusa is developing business solutions on SmartBPM 6 which bring out the Web 2.0 features and the rich user interface.”

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