Casewise announce latest version of V-Modeler Visio interface tool


Casewise today announce enhancements to their popular V-Modeler Visio interface tool for Corporate Modeler.

The Casewise V-Modeler has been designed to provide Microsoft Visio users with the components and functionality the tool lacks and offers users the ability to use Visio as a front end to the Casewise toolset.

The solution grants users with the ability to work in real time with Visio with existing Corporate Modeler diagrams. Diagrams can also be created using existing Corporate Modeler templates. In addition, users can edit diagrams and save them back into the Casewise extensible repository, Corporate Exchange. Diagrams can then be reopened within Corporate Modeler to add further extensibility.

This latest release heralds a number of new features and enhancements including:

Support with Microsoft Visio 2003 & 2007
V-Modeler 2009.2 now supports both Microsoft Office Visio 2003 as well as the previously-supported 2007 version.

Consistency Rules
V-Modeler users can now define sets of consistency rules for your diagrams and run these to check that a diagram meets the standards specified. This function enables users to ensure consistency across an organization. The consistency rules functions can be used to check a number of diagram behaviors, including: ensuring all objects are connected, shapes do not overlap and that a diagram contains at least one event.

When running the consistency rules that are applied to a diagram, a report is displayed which lists all instances where the rules are not being met. When clicking on one of these instances, the shape which is in error is highlighted on the diagram.

Matrix Diagram Support
This latest release of V-Modeler now supports the loading of Matrix diagrams from the Corporate Modeler repository so that they can be viewed in Visio.

Improved Shape Visualization
Diagram shapes, especially those with gradient fills, now look much smoother and more appealing in the new release.  Because of the improvements, diagrams look almost identical in Visio to how they look in Corporate Modeler.

Recent Diagrams Menu
A new feature which can be seen is a Recent Diagrams menu which enables users to easily re-open diagrams previously worked on.

Performance Enhancements
V-Modeler 2009.2 sees much improved levels of performance over the previous version meaning diagrams can now be loaded up to three times faster.

For organizations currently working with Visio, the Casewise V-Modeler is the ideal solution to expand the power and capabilities of modeling within Microsoft Visio in a highly cost effective manner.

For further information, and to view the online training demo, visit



No mention of BPMN 1.2 or 2.0 support and when most other vendors in the BPM/ BPA space are now looking towards Visio 2010 and it’s enhanced feature set Casewise instead looks backwards to 2003….


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