Nimbus eyes up US market, talks Cloud and BPM for the iPod generation

Seems like Nimbus is turning up the volume in USA, with a recent briefing with Sramana Mitra (  who is an entrepreneur and a strategy consultant in Silicon Valley and writes a weekly column for Forbes. Sramana’s blog picks-up on Nimbus’ ambitious growth plans for USA as well as the importance of their cloud offering for accelerating new projects.


“Consumer IT, social media and the iPod generation all have a bearing today on our market,” says Gotts. “If we are going to improve the adoption of business processes, we have to improve the end user experience. They expect personalized, intuitive delivery of relevant content [and the ability] to collaborate and engage socially in process improvement. They want bite-sized information targeted to their needs, rather than information overload.”

Nimbus aims to deliver this through its cloud offering, personalized portals, and more recent innovations such as remote access to process tutorials via the iPhone/iPod Touch and Storyboard Player. The team believes that such as approach sets them apart from other BPM vendors that remain focused on process automation.

For the full article from Sramana, visit her blog here.


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