Active Endpoints Triples New Customer Revenue in Q1

Active Endpoints, Inc. today announced that in the first quarter (Q1) of 2010 revenue from new customers tripled over the same period in 2009. With the surge of new customer orders, as well as a healthy repeat order rate from customers expanding their deployments of the ActiveVOS™ business process management system (BPMS), overall revenue doubled from the year earlier period. ActiveVOS’s organic growth combined with the confidence demonstrated by existing customers who increased their purchases of ActiveVOS demonstrates the enterprise software market’s increasing shift to BPMSs for development of new and enhanced process applications. The company’s results also prove that customers are demanding BPMSs that are easy to integrate and which are based on industry standards, capabilities in which ActiveVOS excels.

New customers that licensed ActiveVOS for the first time include Swiss forex bank MIG Bank, Canadian property and casualty insurer Desjardins General Insurance and specialty teen retailer Wet Seal. Customers who expanded their purchases of ActiveVOS include Czech bank Česká Spořitelna and Australian telecom AAPT. ActiveVOS continues to be extremely popular in the media and entertainment industry, with a new ActiveVOS order from one of the US’s largest diversified media and entertainment companies, which will use ActiveVOS in its feature film production processes. Federal agencies in the US, as well as government users globally, continued to acquire and deploy ActiveVOS in Q1 for new and updated process applications.

“Our success in the first quarter of 2010 demonstrates the appeal of ActiveVOS across industries and geographies,” said Mark Taber, CEO, Active Endpoints, Inc. “With economic recovery, enterprises are seeking BPM solutions that can be rapidly and easily deployed. More and more customers are selecting ActiveVOS because it offers the right combination of capabilities and integrates easily into existing infrastructure. The word about ActiveVOS has begun to get out and, as a result, more and more customers are discovering the BPMS.”

ActiveVOS 7 enables the entire development team – developers, business analysts, operations staff and managers – to model, develop, test, deploy and manage process applications affordably, quickly and compatibly. Based on a highly productive BPMN 2.0 modeler that executes processes using the native language of services, BPEL, ActiveVOS offers a complete, all-in-one approach to BPM that quickly achieves business objectives while revolutionizing the entire development process.

ActiveVOS 7 is available today at Development teams are encouraged to download a free, 30-day, fully supported trial of ActiveVOS. During a proof-of-concept, users can take advantage of free engineering support and the wealth of training, education and samples available on Active Endpoints’ websites. The website has been recently revised, with a new Start Here section and a significantly expanded section for process developers. The company also has a vibrant blog and weekly podcast, titled CTO Tuesdays, in which Active Endpoints and guest CTOs discuss technical topics of interest to BPM users. Register for upcoming CTO Tuesdays here and access replays of previous episodes here.



I caught up with Alex Neihaus of Active Endpoints about the announcement and results and he said

“Sometimes the good news keeps coming.

That’s been the case for Active Endpoints in Q1 this year. As you can see from the press release about our Q1 results, the ActiveVOS BPMS continues to gain new customers and repeat business. Clearly, nascent economic recovery has something to do with this…but we believe it’s also something more fundamental at work: enterprises are changing the way they create and deploy process applications. Once they make that decision, they look for systems to help them implement BPM.

What’s news in that? Simply: customers are looking beyond the “usual suspects” for technology…and they are increasingly turning to ActiveVOS when they do so.”


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