Biomedical Sys Improves Customer Comms and Reporting with Global 360’s SharePoint-enabled BPMS

Global 360 today announced that Biomedical Systems, a global leader in centralized diagnostic testing for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, has chosen Global 360 to improve how critical reports and images are communicated and reported to its customers. In the process, the company will also save thousands on courier costs, satisfy a “going green” initiative, and mitigate risk, helping satisfy auditors and regulators. 
Biomedical Systems reports on pharmaceutical clinical trials and other health monitoring and diagnostic services for a variety of medical specializations, each with its own set of business practices. Because the health care industry is heavily regulated and audited, Biomedical Systems required a sophisticated process management solution to service customers around the globe. Different workflow and approvals are required for compliance in different countries, for a segmented customer base and for each product or service offering.
Recognizing the need for a more economical and efficient means of communicating and reporting data to its customers, Biomedical Systems chose Global 360’s Process360 business process management (BPM) suite and QuickStart Professional Services. Using Microsoft SharePoint as an access point, Biomedical Systems’ customers will be able to receive electronic data and retrieve images with security and audit controls. Workflow will be set up to suit each unique business practice and will automate and deliver more timely reports to customers. Customers will be able to retrieve the data on a regular, near real-time basis. 
“For over 30 years Biomedical Systems has set the industry standard by finding creative approaches and using advanced technologies to better serve our customers,” said Mike Brown, Executive Director, Biomedical Systems. “The ability to leverage our existing investment in Microsoft SharePoint was key in our decision to use the Process360 platform, and the efficiencies and savings it will create both for us and, more importantly, for our customers are enormous.”
“Biomedical Systems is one of a growing number of organizations that recognize the power of leveraging their existing technology investments to implement BPM,” said Global 360 president and CEO David Mitchell. “Building on SharePoint, the new system will help them improve customer service and attain a significant competitive advantage.”
Global 360 engaged with its Midwest partner Bizappia in the Biomedical Systems engagement along with Byrne Software Technologies, a leading information consulting and software development company. Byrne Software enjoys a strategic alliance with Bizappia Consulting to offer BPM services and solutions.


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