PNMsoft Selected as Cool Vendor in latest Gartner Report

PNMsoft announced today that they have been named a “Cool Vendors” in the “Cool Vendors in Business Process Management, 2010” Gartner Report published on April 9, 2010 by Michele Cantara, Jim Sinur, Janelle Hill, and Kimihiko Iijima.. According to Gartner, “Although BPM technologies come in many varieties, the report focuses on vendors doing cool things with core BPM modeling BPMSs. A BPMS supports a full process discovery, analysis, design, development, execution, monitoring and optimization cycle, in which business professionals and IT collaborate as peers.”

The report recommends to clients that “if you want process agility from your BPO provider; seek out one that uses a BPMS to manage ‘the process of process change. Such a provider will likely be better equipped to handle the enhancement or transformation sourcing relationships required for business process agility.”

“We consider our inclusion in the Cool Vendor report by Gartner confirmation of our continued innovation and delivery of value to our clients,” said Gal Horvitz, CEO of PNMsoft. “We believe PNMsoft offers the best and quickest ROI for Enterprise and upper midmarket organizations seeking a high-end BPMS based on the Microsoft stack. We introduced our On-Demand Assist framework and the On-Demand Change Management Solution recently to help outsourcers and their clients with shared visibility into the costs, impact and status of changes to outsourced processes, using dashboards, workflows and advanced BPM capabilities. We focus on improving end to end change management process between BPO providers and their client organizations to improve efficiency, avoid fines, and comply with SLA and contractual obligations.“


Paul Sheridan, VP of Sales and Marketing added: “PNMsoft Sequence is a BPMS, and the vendor is a member of the Microsoft Business Process Alliance. Like many BPMS vendors, PNMsoft sees a need for BPM technologies in outsourcing (see “Cloud-Enabled Outsourcing: Use BPM to Ensure Process Agility in Alternative BPO Service Delivery Models” at; however, while other BPMS vendors typically focus on using BPMS software to manage clients’ business processes, PNMsoft also focuses on improving end-to-end demand management processes between the BPO provider and its client organizations. A major part of demand management requires the outsourcer to manage process change requests from clients while complying with contractual obligations.

Although cost reduction is still the primary driver for outsourcing, customers also expect outsourcers to provide ongoing process innovation. PNMsoft introduced its On-Demand Assist framework in February 2010 to help outsourcers and their clients with shared visibility into the cost, impact and status of changes to outsourced processes. Enhanced demand management enables outsourcers to provide more process innovation to clients — and even to participate in their clients’ continuous process improvement initiatives — and ultimately leads to higher-value enhancement and transformational sourcing relationships”.


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