Virtusa announce cloud service offerings for Pega SmartPaaS

Virtusa today unveiled its Cloud services offering for Pegasystems’ BPM in the cloud platform – SmartPaaS(TM). Virtusa’s new package combines consulting, implementation services and management to help customers who are interested in developing, testing, and running their BPM initiatives in the cloud.

Virtusa’s approach includes three steps:

— Consulting: Virtusa consultants work with stakeholders to assess needs, develop a business case with clear ROI, provide cloud education for BPM, and create an implementation roadmap and checklist. This stage creates a solid foundation for cloud-based BPM success.

— Implementation: Virtusa’s experienced architects design and deploy the BPM application on the cloud as part of a comprehensive setup that includes security and policy management, load balancing and performance tuning.

— Management: Virtusa’s comprehensive management strategy involves infrastructure monitoring, disaster recovery, ticket management and performance and load monitoring. Aggressive service level agreements (SLAs) and regular reporting ensure continuous optimization.

“Cloud-based BPM isn’t just a lofty prediction anymore. As evidenced by some of the world’s largest financial services and healthcare firms adopting Pegasystems’ SmartPaaS – it has become a core part of the BPM infrastructure,” said Vinaykumar Mummigatti, Vice President and BPM Practice Leader at Virtusa. “We will leverage our cloud services offerings, our deep history in BPM, proven experience in building and managing BPM solutions and our technology expertise to help customers take advantage of SmartPaaS”

“Virtusa and Pegasystems have been close partners for many years,” said Frank Palermo, Senior Vice President, Technical Solutions Group. “Cloud computing is an excellent platform to address a significant number of project challenges while accelerating business issues. Virtusa is excited to bring both Pegasystems and cloud computing based technologies to the market extending our BPM solutions portfolio.”

“Since its recent inception, SmartPaaS has quickly ramped up to become the number one BPM platform-as-a-service in the cloud — with almost a thousand users at our most important customers and partners who are building, testing and running their BPM solutions more efficiently,” said Douglas Kim, Managing Director at Pegasystems for SmartPaaS. “We are impressed with how effectively Virtusa has become enabled on SmartPaaS, and is already able to offer their first offering called BPCC (Business Process Competency Center) “

Virtusa’s partnership with Pegasystems dates back to 2003. The company is a charter member of Pegasystem’s partner program, employs more than 500 Pegasystems consultants and is a consistent winner of the Pega Partner Excellence Awards.

This announcement comes on the heels of Virtusa’s recent introduction of the BPM Test Drive for Needs Assessment, Business Case and ROI and is the latest addition to a full portfolio of BPM solutions. Virtusa’s BPM services encompass business and IT consulting, product development, management and quality assurance. The company also offers a packaged Business Process Competency Center (BPCC) as the first of its cloud-based BPM solutions, built and provisioned through SmartPaaS.


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