FICO and Software AG announced expanded partnership to deliver integrated decision and BPM solution

FICO and Software AG today announced an expanded global strategic partnership to deliver an integrated decision and business process management solution to customers. Software AG will now offer the full capabilities of the FICO™ Blaze Advisor® business rules management system (BRMS) as part of its webMethods Business Process Management Suite (BPMS), providing clients with a single, seamless platform for maximizing the power and value they derive from their business process automation systems.

The partnership brings together two category-leading technologies. FICO Blaze Advisor combines business rules management, predictive analytics and optimization to operationalize high-volume automated decisions. webMethods BPMS provides a comprehensive toolset for automating and managing business processes. The integration of the two will enable users to deploy business rules across business processes throughout their organizations with unparalleled speed and effectiveness.

“Our customers have too much at stake to compromise on any aspect of their business process automation systems,” said Susan Ganeshan, senior vice president, Product Management & Product Marketing, Software AG. “Now, with a highly integrated solution for high-value, enterprise-level decision and process management, they don’t have to.”

Organizations in virtually every sector that require automated decisions and processes stand to benefit from the integrated solution, with particular emphasis on financial services, manufacturing, retail and consumer products, energy, healthcare and government.

“Our clients are under enormous pressure to gain and exploit every possible competitive advantage,” said Bill Waid, vice president for Decision Management Tools at FICO. “For these companies, that means automating and managing business-critical decisions with velocity and impact. By joining forces, FICO and Software AG will deliver what they need: the world’s only comprehensive, best-of-breed BRMS and BPM solution.”

“As businesses settle into the ‘new normal,’ they’re looking beyond simple cost savings to integrated systems that simultaneously boost revenues and customer satisfaction,” said Jim Sinur, vice president, Gartner Research. “That’s a tall order that calls for unprecedented BPM and decision management innovation. Only the very best systems will meet that challenge.”


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