Global 360 Delivers Process360, turning Sharepoint into an enterprise-class process platform

Global 360 announces today its flagship Business Process Management (BPM) Suite, Process360, that supports and extends Microsoft SharePoint 2010, allowing organizations to further leverage their SharePoint investment for more strategic applications – greatly improving ROI.

As enterprises look to enhance the value of their SharePoint content by connecting it with business processes, they are turning to companies like Global 360.  According to a recent independent research report in which 218 North American and European IT software decision-makers were surveyed, 47% said that they use Microsoft for their BPM software. The report stated, “To use SharePoint 2010 as part of an enterprise BPM strategy, customers must add a comprehensive, SharePoint-oriented business process management suite (BPMS), which will raise vendor license costs, but lower overall TCO and risk.” (“SharePoint and BPM – Finding The Sweet Spot,” Forrester Research, Inc., March, 2010.)

Tightly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Office, Process360 helps businesses reduce costs and improve operational performance by eliminating paper, automating processes and empowering individuals to improve how work gets done. Process360 for SharePoint allows business to:

Seamlessly capture critical business documents, including paper and electronic content, into SharePoint, and leverage within business processes.

Deliver content-rich, process-aware work environments to support structured or unstructured processes.

Quickly deploy user applications with access to over 30 out-of-the-box SharePoint Web Parts that can be auto-wired using Process360’s configure, don’t code approach.

Effortlessly gain visibility to process metrics, Excel data, and PerformancePoint services through a single, integrated SharePoint-based process dashboard.

Brett Kovatch, Collaboration Systems Manager at Penson Financial Services, selected Process360 to extend the company’s extensive investments in SharePoint and business process management. “Making processes more efficient and accurate while creating strong corporate standards for work processing is what will make Penson more profitable and keep customer satisfaction high,” said Kovatch. “Process360 for SharePoint is our go-to BPM platform.”

“With Process360 for SharePoint, enterprises are easily automating complex processes that involve numerous people or departments performing work across multiple SharePoint sites – making SharePoint the place to do business,” said David Mitchell, president and CEO of Global 360.

Process360 for SharePoint is available now and will be generally available in conjunction with the SharePoint 2010 product availability in June. For additional information about Microsoft SharePoint, please visit:



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