Pallas Athena launches Process Mining learning lab globally

Pallas Athena today announced the launch of new Process Mining Learning Labs for Europe. The first Process Mining Lab will be held on May 18, 2010 in the UK, followed by further labs in Germany May 27, 2010 and Holland June 1, 2010. The Process Mining Learning Labs will give the opportunity for organizations to learn and see firsthand what Process Mining really is and how it applies to their business.

Process Mining is a revolutionary technique that automatically identifies and analyses business processes. It offers a completely new, process-oriented approach to examine the performance of these processes. According to John Hoogland, CEO, Sales “Process Mining rapidly provides process visibility in what often remains a mystery.”
Current industries using Process Mining include: Finance, Insurance, Utilities, Government.

“The basic idea behind Process Mining is to extract knowledge from event logs recorded by your current information systems”, says Tobias Rother, CMO & EVP Global Sales.. “Information systems contain valuable information about an organization and its performance”, adds Tobias Rother. Process mining is smoothly integrated with Pallas Athena’s Business Process Management software solution, BPMlOne®. BPMlOne® is the leading Case Management BPM Suite, that effectively and efficiently fosters collaboration within an organization.

The new Process Mining Learning Labs are a 1 day workshop targeted for all user levels and will focus on explaining the basics of Process Mining and understanding the steps on how to get started. For the start, the Process Mining Learning Labs are schedule for once a month across the UK, Holland, and Germany. All Learning Labs are carried out by Pallas Athena’s Process Mining Experts.


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