IBM acquires a Cast Iron excuse to create further Cloud services ?

IBM celebrated at IMPACT 2010 yesterday their recent acquisition of Cast Iron Services which sparked a lot of interest. One analyst said it should help with their “limited experience” in this area. Whilst I can’t directly comment on that point what it did raise for BPM in particular was further enhancing the product line up after the Lombardi buy out and moving more of their products into the Cloud space.

If we have Blueprint there already will we see a further move for the Websphere line-up, or perhaps moving RequisitePro into the Cloud for on demand requirements management for example ? With Cast Iron under the belt the integration between on-premise and on-demand becomes a lot easier for IBM and customers can potentially pick between them with more confidence. Not only that but could it bring tighter integration between their products ?

It’ll be interesting to watch this one unfold, not least the pricing models that IBM come out with for it’s Websphere BPM products in the Cloud.



One response to “IBM acquires a Cast Iron excuse to create further Cloud services ?

  1. No doubt in my mind that IBM will take Teamworks (er, Websphere Lombardi Edition) to the cloud in some fashion. It is just too obvious a next step not to do it. And IBM clearly has the resources to do it, too.

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