Navatar Group Announces Free Salesforce Implementation and Support for Financial Services Firms

Navatar Group, a global Cloud Service Provider and partner now provides Financial Services firms most services related to products free of charge.

A financial firm can get pre-built CRM and Operations solutions for Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Capital Markets, Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions and Placement Agents, running on’s platform, from Navatar Group. Navatar also provides all implementation services, accounts/contacts migration, training, maintenance, email support and upgrades for these solutions at no charge.

This is great news for financial firms. They will only pay what they would normally pay for their Salesforce seats and receive everything else at no additional charge. Further, they will never have to spend any additional time or money on maintenance, support or upgrades.

Financial firms can benefit from:

  —  Free implementation of Salesforce using pre-customized Navatar products

  —  Free uploading of contacts and accounts

  —  Free training every quarter.

  —  Free maintenance and bug-fixing of the solution

  —  Free email support by industry specialists

  —  Free upgrades including new features and functions

“Navatar’s free services have worked well for us,” said Yul Chung Kaseman, Principal of Kaseman Associates, a Financial Placement Agency. “Without spending money on services, we gain the ongoing support of a knowledgeable team.”

“Our goal is to allow financial firms to focus on their financial expertise, not technology implementation and support,” said Alok Misra, Principal, Navatar Group. “While legacy software providers charge exorbitant amounts with expensive upgrades, we are eliminating the need for spending money and time on services and upgrades.”


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