Oracle CRM On Demand Integrated With ZoomInfo to Improve CRM Database Accuracy and Reach

ZoomInfo, the most comprehensive source of business information about people and companies, and Sakonent, a CRM 2.0 consultancy, today announced that ZoomInfo’s popular and powerful prospecting tool is fully integrated with Oracle CRM On Demand. Businesses using Oracle CRM On Demand can now access ZoomInfo’s directory of 45 million business people and five million companies right from within their CRM system. The ZoomInfo integration enables Oracle CRM On Demand users to identify new leads, expand intelligence on existing customers, qualify prospects, and create highly targeted campaigns. ZoomInfo integrates seamlessly with a number of leading CRM solutions including, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics and now Oracle CRM On Demand.

Positioned as a market leader in the recently announced 2009 Gartner Sales Automation Magic Quadrant, Oracle CRM On Demand is used by 4.5 million users and 5000 customers. With this integration, ZoomInfo provides Oracle CRM On Demand customers with the ability to accelerate prospecting and shorten sales cycles through intelligent targeting of more qualified leads.

“A CRM solution is only as good as the quality and accuracy of its database,” said Jim Dickie, Partner of CSO Insights and author of “The Chief Sales Officers Guide to CRM.” “A CRM solution without relevant, up-to-date information — or worse, inaccurate data — is useless. The value of the system comes from the customer data it holds and how that information is used for sales and marketing purposes.”

ZoomInfo sources data from both the business web and a growing community of active users, capturing in real time more of the dynamic business info that other intelligence providers miss. Every month, the company adds 800,000 new people profiles and updates more than two million existing contact records. ZoomInfo’s integration of multiple data sources, combined with robust deduping capabilities, enables the company to provide sales and marketing professionals with accurate and up-to-date information for all their prospecting and lead nurturing needs. Together, ZoomInfo and Oracle CRM On Demand provide a centralized platform for aligning marketing and sales teams by leveraging a single data source across the organization.

“Filling the early stages of a sales and marketing pipeline is key to driving revenue for our customers,” said Darius Vaskelis, CEO of Sakonent. “Oracle CRM on Demand is the sales and marketing cockpit for many sales-driven organizations, and now those users can easily access ZoomInfo’s information for actionable insight to drive revenue.”

“Our 3,000 customers expect ZoomInfo to be weaved into their marketing and sales processes,” said Sam Zales, President of ZoomInfo. “By integrating ZoomInfo with Oracle CRM On Demand, we are empowering our customers to have ZoomInfo at their fingertips as they prospect and sell right from their primary tool.”


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