Awareness Inc. Social Marketing Hub Officially Launches

Awareness, Inc today announced the general availability of The Awareness Social Marketing Hub, a game-changing, enterprise-grade application for serious social marketers to publish, manage, and measure social media across multiple channels. The software, which was pre-announced on March 15, 2010 at SXSW Interactive, has been tested and enhanced over the last several months by a select group of Early Experience users at large enterprises who are seeking to gain control over their social media marketing programs. These users provided feedback and product direction based on their challenges making the social marketing hub the only enterprise level solution available in the market.

In addition to feedback provided by early experience users, Awareness executives met with more than 50 of the largest mainstream brands to learn how each organization approaches social media to better understand their objectives, challenges and successes. What was achieved from this experience was the data and proof-points needed to effectively build a system to meet the needs of enterprise marketers. The challenges and pain points uncovered during these meetings bear a significant amount of similarity. A summary of the challenges faced by enterprise marketers include:

  • Inability to scale social marketing initiatives
  • Lack of control over messaging and campaigns
  • Ineffective security around passwords, publishing permissions and social media workflow
  • Lack of resources and executive buy-in
  • Reporting is ad-hoc and often, non-existent
  • Movement to a centralized enterprise social marketing strategy

Want to learn more about our findings? Mike Lewis, Awareness VP of marketing shares these experiences talking with brands in his latest blog post here.

“Talking to these numerous world class brands has given us deep insight into the problems faced by organizations leveraging social media today. In each and every case we found that the biggest problems were scalability, security and lack of centralization,” said Mark Cattini, Chief Executive Officer, Awareness, Inc. “The Hub was built based on the feedback from Early Experience users and end-user discussions and is designed to solve these challenges. The feedback we have been getting so far is excellent and we are excited to be assisting so many enterprise brands solve their critical pain points.”

Hear more from Mark Cattini in his first video blog talking about the launch of The Awareness Social Marketing Hub here.

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub was built to specifically address each and every one of the challenges outlined above. Some of the key features and benefits of The Hub include:

Centralized, Strategic Social Media Marketing

  • Simple, one-click publishing across multiple social media channels
  • Enter and manage all your content in one central location and easily deliver to the selected channel automatically. For example, in one click you can:

    • Upload photos to FlickrFacebook and your community
    • Enter text and a link and send to Facebook and Twitter
    • Upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and your community

  • As easily as you just uploaded all that content, you can quickly make a change or remove it completely with just one click.

Social Marketing Measurement

  • See from one simple report how often your content is viewed and shared across social media channels
  • Get real-time updates on your social media following across all your social media channels
  • Build comprehensive social media strategies based on your ability to manage how each channel and asset performs

Enterprise Grade Security

  • Take control over what gets published where and by whom
  • Manage login credentials for all social media channels centrally and securely
  • Establish approval processes for publishing content to ensure the right messages are delivered at the right time

Pricing and Availability

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub is now available through a monthly subscription with fees as low at $2,000 per month. This fee includes access to five social media channels including any combination of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and online branded communities. More channels will be added in future releases of The Hub.

Information and Demo 

To request your own demo of The Social Marketing Hub click here
For more information about The Social Marketing Hub click here
To view our recorded demos of the Social Marketing Hub visit our AwarenessincLIVE YouTube channel here

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