Ebix Unveils New Cloud Computing Strategy for Insurance Market

Ebix unveiled today its strategy for Cloud-computing and announced the new Ebix Cloud family of products and services for the Insurance market.

Within the Cloud-computing model, all Ebix solutions and software will be delivered as a utility or on a pay-per-use model basis. Built on top of the current Ebix product portfolio, these offerings would provide a range of services from collaboration infrastructure to data integration solutions. Ebix’s Cloud-computing platforms will allow an insurance entity to outsource data center and application hosting across multiple platforms to a single managed service provider. This will work to drive costs down and improve overall performance and reliability.

Ebix would also utilize the Cloud Web Application framework for developing multi-tenant SaaS applications based on the Cloud infrastructure. The new Cloud service would offer the convenience of traditional SaaS, but with far greater freedom, control, and cost savings for Ebix’s customers. Ebix Cloud Infrastructure solutions will help clients create and manage their applications over the Public and Private Clouds.

Security is a critical need in the insurance industry and it gains even more significance in the era of Cloud-computing, which presents challenges such as data safeguards, audit, governance and availability. Ebix is mitigating this security risk by auditing the deployment of its infrastructure based services on the stringent ISO 27001 standards.

Ebix Cloud offerings would help customers by continuing to offer On-Demand solutions to optimize resource utilization and by reducing the infrastructure management and monitoring costs. These Cloud offerings will encompass the areas of — Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service. The Cloud offerings will include providing consulting, migration, custom application development and deployment services to Ebix clients, while deploying turnkey pricing strategies rather than having users pay for computing power or storage.

Ebix president and CEO, Robin Raina said, “As an On-Demand solutions provider to the insurance marketplace, it is a natural progression for Ebix to grow into the Cloud-computing arena as it aligns well with our current application development strategies. Our Cloud-computing services are being designed to meet customers’ critical need to experience results quickly as they deploy their technical applications in traditional data centers, modular data centers or the Cloud.”

Robin added, “There is an opportunity in the insurance industry to offer infrastructure based services on a utilities model, delivered over a Cloud. This will allow insurance companies, brokers, investment advisors, broker dealers, and other entities involved in the insurance industry to run multiple applications interfaced with each other outside the confines of their own data centers. This means clients will have the benefit of dealing with one infrastructure services provider. We believe Ebix is uniquely positioned to play a major role using Cloud-computing within the insurance industry. We are one of the only players who can deliver a multitude of services while processing an end-to-end insurance transaction, utilizing our suite of SaaS based products like EbixExchange, EbixAdvantage, SmartOffice and SmartIntegrator.”


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